Watering time for orchids, when to water orchids for planting orchids

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Watering time for orchids, when to water orchids for planting orchids

The watering time of orchids is scientific to a certain extent. Generally speaking, watering in the morning is better. Generally speaking, when orchids are outdoors in late spring and summer and autumn, it is appropriate to water them in the morning: first, after cooling overnight, the temperature of the plant in the basin is lower in the morning, and watering will not hurt the seedlings at this time; second, it is watered thoroughly in the morning and turned moist in the evening, there is no waterlogging in the empty basin at night, and the air in the basin is ventilated, which is conducive to the breathing and circulation of orchid roots and the growth of orchids. Third, if the water is watered in the evening, the water evaporates slowly at night, which is easy to cause waterlogging, but when the transpiration is fast during the day, the basin has been moistened, resulting in waterlogging in the basin when it needs to dry and lack of water in the basin when it needs to be moistened; fourth, the temperature of the orchid basin is still high in the evening, sudden cooling with cold water irrigation will affect root water absorption and interfere with physiological balance. Fifth, at the bottom of the temperature at night, the cell activity of the orchid strain is weak, and too much water will cause bacteria to multiply, and it will also breed snails and slugs. When orchids are indoors in winter and early spring, the watering time is postponed appropriately, and it is better to be watered at about 09:00 or noon after the temperature picks up in the morning.

On the whole, the principle of watering orchids is: watering orchids in the morning, watering earlier when the temperature is high, and watering later when the temperature is low.

The success of orchid planting depends first of all on whether the watering method is correct or not. Only a very small number of plants die from drying up, while 90% of indoor plants die from overwatering.

Too much watering leads to lack of oxygen in the roots. The roots suffocate. The whole plant will die because it loses its source of nutrients.

When there is plenty of water. Orchids can grow. However, even if there is enough water, the injured or diseased roots can not complete the task of absorbing and transporting water.

Therefore, in principle, orchids can be watered only when the culture soil is really dry.