Is goldfish hanging orchid suitable for basking in the sun?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Is goldfish hanging orchid suitable for basking in the sun?

Goldfish Cymbidium is not only luxuriant in branches and leaves and evergreen in all seasons, but also blossoms beautifully and has a long flowering period, so it has a very high ornamental value as a potted plant. But if we want to raise it well and let it blossom more, we need to master some maintenance knowledge, and light is an indispensable condition for its flowering.

For flowering plants, the adequacy of light will affect the flowering effect to a great extent. However, different flowers and plants have different requirements for light and light tolerance. So, Jack.

Goldfish Cymbidium is a kind of negative plant, which not only likes a cool growth environment, but also has a certain ability to tolerate shade, and it is not resistant to direct light, especially for fear of hot summer sun exposure. Fortunately, its florescence is concentrated in winter and spring, and the intensity of sunlight in this period is often small and relatively soft.

Goldfish orchids also need sufficient light at flowering stage to promote pregnant buds, making buds more mature and fuller, easier to open buds, and larger buds. Therefore, sufficient light can make the flowers of goldfish orchids bloom bigger and more colorful.

Therefore, from this point of view, goldfish hanging orchids often need to bask in the sun, at least during the winter flowering. Letting it bask in the sun when it blossoms in winter can not only increase its own temperature and make it less susceptible to cold, but also promote flowering. More importantly, the light intensity during the period is not strong enough to cause burns.

However, the florescence of goldfish Cymbidium is usually very long, and affected by different regional environments, its florescence varies sooner or later. If it is early, it can begin to bloom in late autumn and early winter, and later, it can blossom in March-May in spring. But if it blossoms in May in spring, we must pay attention to control the light, because at this time near summer, the light intensity is often large, which is easy to cause burns to goldfish orchids.

But in general, the flowering period of goldfish should bask in the sun more, after all, its flowering period is basically lower temperature, weak light, usually will not cause burns. And the flowering period allows it to bask in the sun more, which can not only prevent overgrowth, but also promote flowering. In a word, as long as the light intensity is not large, whether it is the flowering period or the normal growth period, it is more suitable to bask in the sun.