The fengshui function of White Orchid at Home

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, The fengshui function of White Orchid at Home

White orchid can optimize home fengshui

When raising white orchids, they need a good family environment. White orchids like a warm and humid growth environment, which requires good ventilation and adequate light time. In addition, white orchids are also afraid of cold and damp and can not bear the hot sun. Because of these growth habits of white orchids, if you want to raise it well, you need to have a good home environment, warm, moist and ventilated. If the white orchid can be raised very well, it shows that the family's fengshui is very good, but also has a good fengshui performance. So the white orchid can optimize the fengshui of the home to a certain extent. If you want to know whether the fengshui of your home is good, raise a white orchid.

White orchids can bring good luck.

People with zodiac signs for rats and pigs are suitable for planting plants belonging to gold and water, as well as people with a Mantissa of 5 and 0 years of birth, which are very suitable for planting white plants in the bedroom, or flowers that seem to kill something. for these people, the white orchid is a good choice, and raising the white orchid can bring them good luck to a certain extent.

White orchids can improve the relationship between husband and wife.

White orchid, its flower language is pure love and sincerity, and the white flowers raised in the bedroom, from the feng shui general, can play a role in increasing the feelings of husband and wife.

Fengshui taboos of White Orchid Culture

When raising white orchids, do not plant white orchids in the courtyard, because in fengshui, the tree means that the woman in the family will climb the wall, that is to say, it will have an affair.

In addition, it is important to remember not to enter the house. Because in fengshui, white orchid is a yin plant, the root can not rush into the home, this will attract Yin things.