What if the butterfly orchid sword grows slowly?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, What if the butterfly orchid sword grows slowly?

Phalaenopsis usually grows foil in winter, and some varieties begin to grow foil in autumn, but most varieties grow foil in winter. The maintenance and management of the butterfly orchid during the long foil period is very important, if it is not taken good care of, the foil may grow slowly. So, what about.

Since most of Phalaenopsis's foil grows in winter, and the temperature is relatively low and the light is relatively weak in winter, it is often affected by these factors. Because the cold resistance of Phalaenopsis is relatively poor, when the ambient temperature is too low, it will often affect its normal growth, the most obvious phenomenon is that the growth becomes slow.

Therefore, if the foil of Phalaenopsis grows too slowly, it is often caused by the low ambient temperature. It is generally required to keep the ambient temperature above 15 °C in winter, so as to avoid slowing down growth due to the influence of low temperature. However, when it is close to flower bud differentiation, it is also necessary to maintain the necessary low temperature, otherwise it will be difficult for the plant to differentiate into mature flower buds.

In addition to the fact that the foil of Phalaenopsis may grow slowly due to low temperature, the air humidity in the environment is also an important factor. Because the air is generally dry in winter, and Phalaenopsis has higher requirements for air humidity, when plants encounter substandard air humidity during long foil in winter, it will also affect the growth of foil.

Therefore, when the air is too dry in winter, we should spray more water to improve the air humidity and create a suitable humidity environment for Phalaenopsis. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to keep the air relative humidity in the environment between 60% and 80%, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of the plant.

However, too low or too high air humidity is also disadvantageous to the growth of plants, so we also need to ensure that the environment is ventilated smoothly and the light is bright, especially the humidity in the basin is not too high, so as to avoid stuffy cultivation of plants in high humidity environment. This is not only not conducive to the growth of plant foil, but also may cause rotten roots, rotten leaves and many other bad growth problems, thus making the foil withered.