How to fertilize white orchids, what fertilizer to apply to white orchids

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to fertilize white orchids, what fertilizer to apply to white orchids

White orchids usually feel very pure, and growing white orchids is something that many people are keen to do. However, not everyone can raise pure and beautiful white orchids, so it is necessary for us to practice our breeding skills and strengthen the control of all aspects of the maintenance process.

How to fertilize white orchids

1. The time of fertilization in Magnolia

If you want to fertilize Magnolia, you should choose the time of year when it grows most vigorously. In a year, the most vigorous growth time is probably in May and June or July and August of each year, at this time, you can fertilize it every half a month. It is mainly applied compound fertilizer, which contains three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and the nutrition is relatively balanced. This kind of compound fertilizer can be applied 2-6 grams at a time. There is no need to apply fertilizer in winter.

2. Fertilization at flowering stage

The flowering period of Magnolia is from April to September, and some quick-acting phosphate fertilizer can be applied during the flowering period. the use of this fertilizer can make the flowers bloom for a long time, and the fragrance is very sweet and fragrant.

3. Methods of fertilization

When fertilizing Magnolia, we should first dig several vertical and horizontal soil ditches in the soil near the roots of the tree, then put the prepared fertilizer into the ditch, put the fertilizer away, fill these ditches, and then water them immediately. In this way, the fertilizer will go deep into the roots of the magnolia with water, so that the magnolia can absorb fertilizer in a more soothing way. Be careful not to apply fertilizer directly to the roots of Magnolia, which will cause it to burn roots. You don't need to apply a lot of fertilizer each time, but you can apply it a few more times, so that the plants can absorb enough fertilizer healthily. If it is a new species of Magnolia, when it grows new buds, it is usually relatively warm, so that it can not be fertilized once every 3 or 4 days to promote the growth of Magnolia.

What kind of fertilizer is applied to white orchids?

In the fertilization of white orchids, attention should be paid to the combined application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, especially the application of nitrogen fertilizer, which can not only ensure comprehensive nutrition, but also keep the leaf color more beautiful.

Watering method of Magnolia

Spring is the budding period of white orchids. Watering can be carried out every 2-3 days to ensure that the potted soil is moist.

Summer is the peak period for the growth of white orchids, watering should be carried out every morning and evening, but the stagnant water in the basin should be treated in time in the rainstorm or continuous rainy weather.

At the beginning of autumn, the transpiration of the plant began to decrease and the water evaporation became less. At this time, the amount of watering should be determined according to the specific dry and wet conditions of the basin soil. When the surface layer of the basin soil whitens, it needs watering, which can be watered every 5 days or so.

The white orchid has little demand for water in winter, so the potted soil of the white orchid should be prevented from excessive wetting and the formation of stagnant water. If there is stagnant water in the root, the flowers and leaves will turn red and the tip will turn brown. The stagnant water should be poured out as soon as possible, and the soil should be loosened and ventilated. It is usually watered every 10 days or so to keep the pot soil slightly wet.

Maintenance skills of White Orchid in Winter

1. Temperature

The suitable temperature is the key to ensure the safety of white orchids in winter. After the Autumn Equinox, the white orchid should be moved into the room for maintenance in time, and the indoor temperature should be controlled at about 5-10 ℃. In winter, if the room temperature is too high for some reasons, appropriate cooling measures should be taken.

2. Humidity

The humidity around the white orchid is also improved by spraying into the air, and proper window ventilation should be carried out when the weather is clear (between 10:00 and 2 p.m.), but beware of the threat of cold winter winds.

3. Lighting

The light time in winter is relatively short, but the white orchid should also be ensured to receive sufficient sunlight indoors.

4. Fertilizer and water

Winter temperature is low, plant transpiration is weak, so the need for water is very little, do not dry do not water, there is no need to fertilize.

Each plant has a different need for fertilizer, which makes them different in appearance, just like the effect of diet on people's appearance. Therefore, in order to make the magnolia grow into our ideal appearance and state, it is necessary to give it proper fertilizers and nutrients.