What are the perennial flowers with red flowers in spring?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What are the perennial flowers with red flowers in spring?

Today, the editor is going to share with you the information about plant knowledge. Next, I will introduce the common perennial flowers from these aspects.

Perennial flowers refer to perennial herbs with a survival time of two years or more. Here are several common red perennial flowers in full bloom in spring.

1. Dahlia

Dahlia is a plant of the Compositae family, belonging to perennial flowers. The flowers are red in color and bloom from February to May every year.

The growth of Dahlia has higher requirements for soil, and the most suitable soil for Dahlia growth is sandy loam with good ventilation. Once the phenomenon of soil caking appears in the flowerpot of Dahlia, it should be dealt with in time, otherwise it will seriously harm the growth of Dahlia. In serious cases, it may even lead to the death of Dahlia.

Dahlia has a high demand for nutrients during its growth period, because the size of Dahlia is relatively large, so in addition to daily fertilization, appropriate amount of fertilizer is needed during the growth period of Dahlia.

two。 Canna

Canna is a kind of plant that is often in full bloom in spring. it belongs to perennial flowers. The color of the flowers is red. The height of fully grown canna is between one meter and 1.5 meters.

When raising canna, we need to control the ambient temperature of the canna. The most suitable temperature for the growth of canna is between 15 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius.

There is a trick to raising canna. Placing canna in a place with a lower temperature can effectively prolong the flowering time of canna in spring every year.

Canna is a kind of plant that needs a lot of water to thrive, so when we cultivate canna, we must water the canna frequently, don't worry about overwatering, don't worry about watering boldly, as long as the water doesn't flow out of the hole at the bottom of the flowerpot.

3. Noon flower

Noon flowers often bloom in spring. This species is bright red in color, usually blooms at noon every day and closes in the early hours of the next day. Noon flower is widely planted in our country, and it is a kind of common perennial flower.

The growth of noon flowers does not require much water, and the frequency of watering can be maintained at once every half a month, but it should be noted that when we water the noon flowers, we must make sure that the soil of the noon flowers is sucked in enough water.

When we breed the afternoon flowers, we can properly trim the branches of the afternoon flowers, especially during the growing period of the afternoon flowers, pruning some useless branches can make the afternoon flowers grow more vigorously.

Common perennial flowers are: black heart chrysanthemum, day lily, purse peony, golden rooster chrysanthemum and so on.

Black chrysanthemum

It is also very easy to cultivate black-hearted chrysanthemum, which does not need to be taken care of often. the most suitable growth temperature for black-hearted chrysanthemum is about 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. When we breed at ordinary times, we must have enough light, and when blooming, nutrients must keep up. At the same time, keep the soil in a moist state.


When raising day lilies, we need to choose soils with good drainage. If we are in the growing period, we can water more. Of course, when we apply fertilizer, we should also pay attention to it. Generally, we should top fertilize three times in the second year. If the weather is not very dry, there is no need for watering.

Purse peony

Purse peony is also a common perennial root flower. When cultivating purse peony, we must pay attention to the problem of watering. The amount of watering varies in different seasons. In general, when the weather is hot in spring and summer, it is OK to water once every one or two days. If it is rainy, watering once every five days is ok. In winter, you do not need to water frequently.

Golden Rooster Chrysanthemum

Golden rooster chrysanthemum is a long and common perennial flower, and its medical value is also very high. When raising golden rooster chrysanthemum, the amount of water must not be allowed to grow, so the amount of water must be well controlled. generally speaking, after planting the golden rooster chrysanthemum, you must water enough, even during normal maintenance, you should also pay special attention to watering. Generally, the soil can be watered after drying.