What if the gentleman orchid grows too slowly?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, What if the gentleman orchid grows too slowly?

The magnolia is a kind of common household green plant. In the past, a very well-raised gentleman's orchid could be sold for tens of thousands of yuan. But now, the price of magnolia is much cheaper, and almost every household can be planted in pots. However, in the process of maintaining and managing magnolia, there will always be problems of this or that, especially the problem of slow growth.

Compared with other potted plants, Magnolia does grow more slowly, but its growth is almost at a standstill because of our improper maintenance and management. This is often unacceptable for ornamental potted flowers and plants. So, what about.

In fact, we only need to use two kinds of strong medicine for potted orchids that are too slow to grow, that is, wine trough cake fertilizer and pine needle shavings. The wine trough is the residue left over from the brewing of liquor, and these residues are generally formed by the shell of grain and can be used as flower fertilizer. Because in the wine-making process, it has gone through the process of fermentation, so the fermentation of distiller's grains is omitted.

Distiller's grains is rich in organic matter, and it is also a kind of acidic base material, which is very helpful to improve soil structure and porosity. Not only that, the distiller's grains is also rich in beneficial bacteria. We can use it as base fertilizer or bury it in the basin soil. as the lees slowly decay, it will eventually be turned into fertilizer, which will be provided for the orchid to absorb to increase nutrition. This will greatly promote and accelerate the growth of Magnolia.

Pine needle shavings is also a very good flower fertilizer, it can enhance the ventilation and drainage performance of basin soil, and after maturity, it can also provide rich camp for gentleman orchid. The magnolia is a succulent root plant, which has higher requirements for the permeability and drainage of the basin soil, so we can add some pine needles or shavings to the soil when changing the basin, which can effectively improve the air permeability and drainage of the soil. This is very beneficial to accelerate the growth of potted magnolia.