How to solve the yellowing of the leaves of Cymbidium?

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, How to solve the yellowing of the leaves of Cymbidium?

A whole leaf is yellow: such a thing is caused by strong light, and people can cut off the fallen leaves and move the orchid to a semi-overcast and naturally ventilated area for maintenance. Some leaves turn yellow: due to excessive watering or fertilizer damage. Remove and store water, cut and trim the roots, and change the soil and pour the basin when it is more serious.

The whole leaf turns yellow

Main performance and reasons

Sometimes, you will find that the magnolia begins to turn yellow inadvertently. At the beginning of a little bit, the gradual development trend to all the leaves are yellow, very ugly.

A gentleman's orchid will show that a whole leaf turns yellow, which will be caused by strong light. The over-obvious sun will cauterize the leaves of Cymbidium, causing the leaves to turn yellow.

How to deal with it

When a whole leaf of the orchid turns yellow, it will not only endanger the appreciation of the orchid, but also bad for the growth and development of the orchid. At this moment, it is necessary to cut off the fallen leaves and shade the magnolia, which can reduce the yellowing of the leaves.

Partial leaf yellow

Main performance and reasons

The leaves of the orchid will also show that the edges of the leaves turn yellow and the leaf tips turn yellow or scorched.

Some of the yellow leaves of the gentleman orchid are mostly caused by too much watering. It is due to the poor maintenance of Cymbidium in the usual maintenance, and the poor growth and development of Cymbidium caused by the lack of oxygen in the rhizome caused by too much irrigation. It will also be due to wrong fertilization, chemical fertilizer is too thick, resulting in root burning and then some of the leaves of Cymbidium turn yellow. It is caused by the lack of air exchange in the soil layer, difficulty in breathing at the root and poor drainage pipe, or due to the lack of natural ventilation in the maintenance of the natural environment.

How to deal with it

Gentleman orchid found part of the leaf yellow, in fact, most of them due to poor maintenance, that is to say, to do a good job in the maintenance of gentleman orchid in peacetime. Do a good job in fertilizer and water management, effectively irrigate fertilizer, prevent bonsai soil from getting too wet or burning roots with thick fertilizer, and make the leaves of Cymbidium yellow. Also pay attention to often give the orchid natural ventilation, so that its growth and development in the excellent natural ventilation natural environment, and pay attention to the selection of soil layer.

The leaves of Cymbidium have macula.

Main performance and reasons

The yellow spots on the leaves of Cymbidium are shown as yellowish or brown black spots on the leaves, and slowly expand, damaging the leaves.

Most of these things are caused by leaf spot or anthrax, or by diseases and insect pests. Let the leaves of Magnolia appear brown disease spots, and even damage all the leaves.

How to deal with it

When a gentleman orchid becomes sick because of the disease, it is necessary to select a suitable treatment method according to the disease condition, to be able to select a suitable chemical fertilizer to carry out spraying treatment, and to take preventive measures to prevent the disease in the course of peacetime maintenance. to prevent fusion.

Other main manifestations of Ye Huang of Cymbidium

Main performance and reasons

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions, the leaves of Cymbidium turn yellow, sometimes yellow, gray and weak, and due to all normal basic metabolism, the old leaves at the bottom of the orchid grow new roots from the axils of the leaves and continue to grow and develop. causing the leaves to turn yellow.

If is gentleman orchid's maintenance time is longer, that is all normal metabolism condition. However, if the new buds, buds appear yellow, grayish yellow, yellow weak condition, that is to say, because of poor irrigation, too strong sunlight or too much fertilizer.

How to deal with it

Don't worry too much about all the yellow leaves caused by normal metabolism. If you cut off the old leaves of Cymbidium, you can keep it beautiful and generous. But if the gentleman orchid appears yellow, gray yellow, yellow weak this kind of leaf yellow disease, all must do well in the peacetime maintenance work. We should pay attention to watering to prevent water storage, moderate blocking of light, and thin application of fertilizer can improve the yellowing of the leaves of Cymbidium.