How to survive the winter with balcony flower bonsai

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to survive the winter with balcony flower bonsai

What are the precautions for overwintering? Placing some bonsai on the balcony can not only adorn the balcony and add a beautiful scenery to the home environment, but also add some vitality to the home environment, so how to ensure that the flower bonsai can survive the winter smoothly after the weather is cool? Let's take a look at it.

1. If your balcony is a flower friend who is closed by glass, then it is easier for everyone to grow flowers to survive the winter. Because the balcony is closed, the window can be closed when the temperature is low to avoid freezing the flowers to death, but it should be noted that if the weather warms up or the temperature is not low, open the window so that the flowers can breathe.

two。 If the balcony is open, after entering the winter, we do not want to move the bonsai indoors, then it is recommended to put the bonsai in the leeward place, or directly build a small greenhouse, wait until the weather is cold, move the flowerpot into the greenhouse, and then remove the greenhouse when the weather is hot.

3. If you can no longer create a greenhouse effect on the balcony, then you can also take cold prevention methods such as pouring frozen water, covering grass curtains, fertilizing before winter, and setting plastic film to help balcony flowers survive the winter. If these methods are too troublesome, we might as well move the flowers into the indoor maintenance instead of putting them on the balcony.

4. While helping flowers to create a suitable winter environment, we also need to control the amount of watering. Although winter flowers will enter a dormant period, but there is still a demand for water, at this time we need to follow the principle of dry rather than wet, but also must be watered, the temperature of watering needs to be flat with the room temperature, not too cold, and choose a weather with a suitable temperature, such as when the sun is better.

What are the precautions for overwintering? The above is the relevant explanation, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you like flowers, you must protect your own flowers.