What are the common flowers?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What are the common flowers?

Vine flower is an important part of flower plant kingdom, and vine flower is the most typical characteristic is long vine, like dragon snake meandering growth. Moreover, there are many vine flowers in nature, some even have high ornamental value, and they are widely used. They can not only be used in many outdoor places, but also can be planted as garden vine flowers. Well, then.

Since vine flowers are part of the cultivation of flowers and plants, there are naturally many types. The common vine flowers are mostly represented by wisteria, pansy, petunia, vine rose, etc., which can not only be raised as ground plants, but also planted as potted plants, all of which have a good role in beautifying the environment and decorating the space. Therefore, the application value of vine flowers and plants should not be underestimated.

However, liana plants such as petunia are generally not planted on shelves due to their short plant shape, but are mostly used for potted viewing. Because petunias grow relatively low, even if they do not erect shelves, they can grow good-looking plant types, but it seems relatively difficult in the process of conservation and management, mainly because petunias grow longer stems and vines, so regular pruning plays an important role in maintaining beautiful plant types.

However, the biggest advantage of vines lies in their low requirements for soil environment, strong reproductive ability, easy survival and rapid growth. As long as they can provide a good growth environment, they can often be displayed in a beautiful posture. In the daily maintenance and management process, in addition to the appropriate light and temperature, watering and fertilization should also be scientific and reasonable, so although vine is easier to plant, but still need us to carefully maintain, after all, good ornamental is the most need to reflect.

In addition to petunia, pansy is also a widely used vine flower. Due to the rich color of pansy, the flowering period is mostly displayed in mixed colors, which is excellent for garden landscape construction, even family potted planting and viewing effect. Pansy shows high ornamental value by its gorgeous flower type and color, so it can be planted alone or with other kinds of flowers.

However, if it is a plant, it must be distinguished from other flowers to a certain extent, so as not to compete too much for the nutrients of pansy, thus weakening the growth and reducing the ornamental value. Of course, the pruning of pansy is also a necessary work, not only can stimulate the plant to germinate more stems, but also can flower more, higher quality, plant type is more beautiful, thus improving the ornamental value as a whole.