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What is the growth habit of large flower clivia

Clivia grandiflora alias for Clivia, Damlan, Mulan, sword leaves Lycoris, etc. Clivia of the Amaryllidaceae family is an evergreen perennial herb. Its plant elegant handsome, gentleman grace, flowers such as orchid named. Clivia is native to the mountainous forests of South Africa. It likes shady, warm and humid environments with good ventilation. It is not cold-resistant, bogey high temperature and heat, afraid of strong direct sunlight, and cannot be exposed to sunlight. Clivia is very strict with soil requirements, not saline-alkali tolerance, must be extremely loose and well-drained humus in order to grow normally. Neutral and slightly acidic soils are best.

1. Buy potted flowers to choose plants tall and straight, leaves should be dark green and shiny, plant type tower shape, plants should have 10~15 leaves, leaves opposite, neatly arranged and symmetrical.

2. The optimum temperature for the growth of Clivia is between 18 and 22 ℃, below 5 ℃ and above 30 ℃, and the growth is inhibited. Air humidity 70%~80% is appropriate, so potted plants are suitable for indoor decoration in the living room, study or bedroom with better scattered light.

Mainly flowering more, larger, ornamental higher, more colorful flowering, flowering period is longer, indoor bright ventilation is better, topdressing phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, better and more prosperous growth

What color flower is the best?

Generally speaking, leaves are short and wide, thick and hard, leaves are bright and shiny, straight and tidy, leaf ends are rounded, veins are raised for improved varieties, flowers are large and yellow for fine products. A good clivia should "look at a line from the side, like a folding fan","look at a line from the side" that is, from the top or side view clivia leaves basically in the same straight line, leaves do not go out and out;"look like a folding fan" that is, from the front view clivia leaves should be inverted "eight" characters staggered growth, obliquely above the flat extension, and the length of each layer of leaves changes evenly, like a folding fan, giving people a sense of dignity and degree...

How to manage the flowering period of Clivia grandiflora

If the cultivation management is not proper, the flowering period will produce the phenomenon that the flower scape cannot be pulled out and blooms in the leaf base or leaf, which is called "arrow clip", which affects the viewing and flowering and fruiting reasons:(1) The temperature is not suitable for Clivia flowering. The suitable temperature is 15~25 ℃. The temperature difference between day and night is about 10 ℃. The temperature above 25 ℃ affects the shooting of arrows. The temperature below 15 ℃ is not conducive to the shooting of arrows.(2) The nutrient deficiency of Clivia requires more phosphorus and potassium in flowering period. If excessive nitrogen fertilizer is applied and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and trace elements are lacking,(3) Clivia shoot stage, water demand is more, such as insufficient water supply at this time, there will also be arrow phenomenon in addition, the air dry light is too strong, the temperature difference between day and night is small and other factors will affect Clivia shoot arrow In order to prevent Clivia shoot arrow, change the pot soil once a year, water frequently, keep the pot soil moist and not damp; apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer; With warm water at about 25 ℃ and a small amount of beer poured, it is also conducive to accelerating arrows.

The price of large flowers.

Price of Clivia: 1. Laughing Clivia Price

The growth cycle of Laughing Clivia is extremely long, usually taking about 10 years. The leaves are hard and thick, strip-shaped, about 300~800 mm long, 25~50 mm wide, and the leaf ends are very blunt. There are usually 20 to 26 flowers, which are drooping. The color is mostly dark orange, and the flower tip is green. Its fruit usually has about 2 seeds, the pericarp is red, and the maturity period is 9 months. Laughing clivia prices are generally around 400 to 500 yuan.

2. The price of Clivia grandiflora

Clivia grandiflora is perennial herb, root is white, unbranched. Leaves neatly arranged in fan shape, evergreen. Flowers shaped like trumpets, usually orange or red, with a yellow-white inner core. Of course there are other colors. When flowering, a flower bud can usually produce 20 or even 40 flowers. A little better flower Clivia prices are generally around 300 yuan.

3. Garden Clivia Price

The height of garden clivia is 80~130mm. The leaves are bright green, 350~900mm long, 25~60mm wide and pointed. Long flowering, from late autumn to winter. The color is orange, but there are other colors from yellow to red, and the flower tip has a very obvious green color. The flowers droop in an arc. Each berry contains 1 - 2 seeds and the fruit ripens in 1~2 - 15 months. Already grown garden Clivia in 4000 in 5000 yuan or so.

4. The price of stem Clivia

Clivia stem height in 50~150 cm. The plant has stems on the ground, up to 1 meter or even 3 meters long. The soft flat and pointed leaves are arcuate, about 35 - 70 mm wide and 30 - 60 cm long. It usually blooms in spring and summer. Flowers droop such as drooping smile, orange color, green tip. Round and red berries contain 1 - 4 seeds, 9 - 13mm in diameter. Seeds mature in winter, 6 months after pollination.

5. Strange Clivia Price

Clivia mirabilis is a newly discovered species. They live alone or in groups. It grows in a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, often with a rainy season in winter. It has a white stripe in the center of its leaves that distinguishes it from other Clivia varieties, and its seeds mature in just five months. A seed ball of strange clivia is about 30 yuan.

6. Price of swamp Clivia

Clivia bog is the latest discovery of a kind of Clivia, but also the largest kind of Clivia, can grow to 1.8 meters high, grow in the swamp area, very individual roots can reach 4.5 meters long. Leaves flexible, smooth edges, leaf tips rounded, leaves with pale white stripes in the center. The flowering period is generally from March to August, and it can bloom 15 to 40 flowers with more colors. The fruit is spherical, red, usually has less than 4 seeds, mature for 12 months. The price is hard to say, generally wild, original ecology.