The reasons for the curling of the leaves of Cymbidium and its solution

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, The reasons for the curling of the leaves of Cymbidium and its solution

The leaves of Cymbidium are broad and arranged in an orderly manner. both leaves and flowers have high ornamental value, and even most people think that watching leaves is better than flowers. But at ordinary times, when raising Cymbidium, there may be some problems in cultivation or maintenance, resulting in yellow crimping of Cymbidium leaves. Let's introduce how to do the leaf crimping.

Discomfort in changing pots

In the cultivation of magnolia, there is often a time to change the basin, or just bought the gentleman orchid on the basin, if there is leaf crimping, it may be because they do not adapt to the new environment, normal maintenance for a period of time will improve.

Improper watering

If you forget to water the magnolia for a period of time, its leaves will shrink and curl. What if the leaves are not watered? just replenish the water in time, but be careful not to have stagnant water, otherwise it will rot the root. generally, it will get better after normal watering for about half a month.

The basin soil is not good.

It may be because there is a problem with the preparation of the basin soil or the soil has not been changed for a long time, the root of Magnolia can not absorb water and nutrients smoothly. At this time, the magnolia will not grow well. The cultivation soil of Magnolia can be mixed with garden soil, rotten leaf soil and some fine sand.

Uneven illumination

The leaves of Cymbidium are very uniform and symmetrical, so when receiving light, they should be placed parallel to the window or vertically, but the side should be changed regularly to accept the illumination. If the placement method is not right, the illumination will be uneven. It is easy to cause the leaves of Cymbidium to grow askew or curl.