What is the reason why there are so many Milan flowers but not fragrant?

Published: 2024-02-27 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/27, What is the reason why there are so many Milan flowers but not fragrant?

Milan flowers but not fragrant is what causes.

When we cultivate Milan, we find that some flowers are too many but not fragrant, so some people think that this is a difference in varieties, but in fact it is entirely due to poor management. Milan's management should pay attention to: the growing season should be placed in a well-ventilated place, which can be exposed to more than 5 hours of sunshine and half a day of shade; it is not advisable to apply more nitrogen fertilizer, and should use more phosphorus and potassium in the fertilizer or livestock hoof horn and fish scale; the temperature below 15℃, too thick fertilizer, soil alkali or acid, too weak or too strong light, will have different degrees of influence on the flower concentration.

Some Milan base leaves fall off, forming top-heavy, affecting viewing and growth. In this case, the top should be removed immediately to control excessive growth. For the newly formed inflorescences, 1/2 should be thinned to ensure sufficient nutrient supply of leaves and prevent the lower leaves from falling off; prevent freezing cold wind or draft wind attack, and do not make the temperature fluctuate between high and low to facilitate recovery; check whether the pot soil is alkaline and has no pests, whether there is excessive watering, excessive fertilization or the use of raw fertilizer. If there is, it should be immediately prevented and treated.

Milan overwinters easily defoliates in large quantities, which is extremely unfavorable to the growth and flowering of the following year. First of all, it should be observed from the signs that the black brown wilting of the leaves is a symbol of freezing, and it should be warmed up or moved to a warmer place in time to gradually recover. Leaf yellowing and shedding is caused by poor ventilation or dry soil. Green leaf shedding is caused by soil moisture, we should start from prevention, when the climate turns cool, we should gradually stop fertilizer and reduce water. After winter, Milan's physiological activity is weak, then avoid low temperature and high humidity, or dry air. Persistent low temperatures below 5 ° C, aisle winds and chronic lack of light can also cause defoliation. Leaves should always be kept clean, especially to prevent oil smoke, so as not to hinder leaf respiration and photosynthesis. Postponed entry in autumn, in order to exercise its ability to keep out the cold, spring Qingming after the temperature is stable when the room, so are conducive to the protection of leaves.

Milan flowers like warm weather, humid air and sunny environment, but not cold, slightly tolerant of shade. Fertile soil loose acid best. Winter temperature is best above 10 degrees, Milan flowers like wet but watering should not be excessive, otherwise lead to root rot. The leaves wither and fall off; too much watering at flowering will cause the buds to fall off, and too little watering will easily cause the Milan leaves to wither. Therefore, when the summer temperature is high, water 1-2 times a day. Sandblast the leaves often to keep them moist. Milanese flowers should also be properly fertilized. Milan flowers will bloom many times a year, after each bloom, should be timely topdressing 2 to 3 times fully decomposed thin liquid fertilizer, so that flowers can not be exhausted, rich aroma. Milan flowers like acid soil, potted plants should be selected to carrion soil-based culture soil. During the vigorous growth period, 0.2% ferrous sulfate solution was sprayed once a week to make the leaves green and flowers multiply.

Milan flowers should be trimmed from young seedlings, retaining a section of trunk 15 cm to 20 cm high, not letting trunk branches cluster from the soil surface, but branching pruning above the trunk 15 cm high to make the plant posture plump. The lower branches of perennial old plants often senesce and die. Therefore, the north should be short-cut once every other year in the high temperature season to promote the germination of adventitious buds at the lower part of the main branches and grow new lateral branches, thus maintaining the symmetry of the tree posture, strong tree vigor and flourishing leaves.

Milan flowers like sufficient light, like high temperature, not cold, not drought, watering during the growth period to be frequent, and frequent fertilization, in order to ensure that Milan flowers grow luxuriantly. It can also grow in the semi-shade, but it will not bloom or spend less, the branches are weak and easy to droop. Winter to 10℃ above can overwinter. Milanese flowers usually bloom from May to September, but when they are maintained, they will bloom longer, so that they will bloom when there is sufficient light, fertility and appropriate temperature.