It is better to pour potted orchids for how long.

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, It is better to pour potted orchids for how long.

In the process of planting orchids in pots, in order to improve the growth environment of orchids and make them more suitable to thrive in the new environment, timely pouring pot is very important. Pouring the basin includes turning the basin and changing the soil. Turning the basin, sometimes there is no need to change the basin, just need to trim the root treatment to re-put on the basin and cultivate the new soil. People who raise orchids all know that pouring pot plays a good role in promoting the growth of plants, so we must pay attention to it. So, what about.

The potting of orchids is usually suitable for spring, and because its growth is relatively slow, it can be planted 1-2 years later. Of course, it is also possible to pour the basin in autumn, but it is better in spring than in spring. In the traditional sense, the topping of orchids should be carried out in the Spring Equinox or the Autumn Equinox season. For orchids which are still hanging buds, the work of pouring pot should be carried out after the end of flower viewing.

The potting of orchids should be carried out in the spring and autumn season, mainly considering that the orchid plants in these two seasons are just in the mature stage, at this time, the temperature is more suitable, and the damage to the orchid plants is often relatively small. therefore, it is more conducive to survival and return to normal growth.

If the pot is poured in the first half of the year, it is best to do it during the period from the Spring Equinox to Grain Rain, because at this time the flowering period of the orchid has come to an end, and the leaf buds do not sprout and are not easily frozen. If the pot is poured in the second half of the year, it is best to carry out it during the period from the Autumn Equinox to Frosts Descent. The orchid plant is ready to enter the dormancy period. At this time, the pot pouring also has less impact on the orchid plant. And after a winter dormant recuperation and accumulation of nutrients, to the next spring will be able to sprout quickly, blooming as scheduled.

As for when it is more suitable for potted orchids to pour pots, it is mainly based on the following conditions:

The main results are as follows: 1. For potted orchids, it is usually better to pour pot 1-2 years after planting, and sometimes it can be done 3 years later, and the specific time has to be determined by the growth state of the plant. Due to the basic depletion of nutrients in the basin at this time, the growth state of the orchid plant is often poor, and timely dumping of the pot is very important for its normal growth.

2. When the potted orchids placed outdoors are exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, the structure of the pot soil will inevitably change, often the soil will become hardened, the permeability of water and air will become worse, and it is difficult for the plants to absorb water and fertilizer. At this time, it is also suitable to pour the basin.

3. After the original orchid seedlings grew up, not only many young seedlings sprouted slowly, but also their roots were intricate and intertwined. On the one hand, the roots were too dense, which affected the absorption of water and fertilizer. On the other hand, there was not enough space for root system extension in the basin. Moreover, there were a large number of old and weak thin roots, residual roots and rotten roots at the bottom of the basin, which can be used as a reason to pour the basin.

4. When the conservation and management environment of potted orchids is destroyed, especially when the potted soil is polluted and attacked by diseases and insect pests, the plants will grow badly. It is also necessary to pour the basin at this time.

5. When the orchid plant germinates so much that the plant population is too large, not only the original basin can not meet its growth, but also affects the coordination with the basin, reasonable dumping of the pot is a work that needs to be carried out in time.

6. When buying potted orchids from the market, sometimes for the purpose of changing the orchid plant into a more beautiful and comfortable flowerpot or when it needs to be planted separately, it is necessary to pour the pot.