Key points for attention in Rice planting

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Rice growers sometimes find that the effect of applying nitrogen or other fertilizers is not very significant, and sometimes it will do more harm than good.

Rice growers sometimes find that applying nitrogen or other fertilizers does not have a significant effect, sometimes it does less harm than good, and the cost is high. Let seedling stage in the growth and development period too prosperous, aggravated the occurrence of pests. In the later stage, it is easy to appear greediness, easy lodging, more empty shriveled grains, so that rice yield is serious.

3.3. Control weeds. 7-10 days before transplanting rice seedlings, fill the ploughed and leveled rice fields with water, spray appropriate amount of butachlor pesticide, and smother all kinds of weeds; 5-10 days after transplanting rice seedlings, use herbicides such as Tiancaoguang and Qingcaodan EC mixed with urea and fine sand to weed control.

Through the comprehensive application of the above measures, not only the nutrient requirements of rice growth are met, but also the harm of pests and weeds is controlled, so as to achieve the purposes of growth efficiency and environmental protection.

Of course, in this project, some details and specific operational problems still need to be explored and improved in future work.