Why do orchid leaves crack? Can you still fix it? How to fix it?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Why do orchid leaves crack? Can you still fix it? How to fix it?

Orchids are familiar to everyone, and many people who like farming like to plant several plants at home. It not only has good ornamental value, but also has charming aroma and is deeply loved by everyone. But orchid cracking also bothers everyone, many people consult how orchid cracking is going on? And how to remedy the crack, and then learn about it with the editor.

The cracking of the leaves of orchids may be caused by shell pests and need to be sprayed with insecticides in time. In addition, the phenomenon of leaf cracking will also occur if improper fertilization is applied during culture, and reasonable and careful fertilization is needed. The plants cultured in a closed environment are easily infected, and the leaves will crack and yellowing, and carbendazim needs to be sprayed.

The reason for the cracking of the leaves of orchids

1. Occurrence of insect pests

In the process of breeding, it may be attacked by insect pests, and it is easy to be attacked by shell insects in spring and summer, and the leaves will crack, and the cracks are mostly vertical, so you need to buy pesticides to spray.

2. Appear fertilizer damage

If there is too much fertilizer in the process of orchid culture, the phenomenon of leaf cracking will also occur. At this time, we need to irrigate with clear water and dilute the fertilizer. In addition, if there is a long-term lack of nutrients, there will also be a cracking phenomenon, which requires reasonable fertilization.

3. Pathogen causes

The leaves of orchids will also crack after they are infected with germs. at this time, carbendazim needs to be sprayed to deal with the plants, and the seriously sick leaves will be trimmed at the same time. Breeding in a ventilated and astigmatic environment for a period of time will improve the situation.

4. External damage

Artificial operation in the process of breeding orchids may inadvertently deal with the cracks, may also be washed by Rain Water, if Rain Water is too large will also appear cracking phenomenon, orchids are good to put it in the indoor environment, fertilization should not be dropped on the leaves, otherwise the leaves will appear burns.

Second, how to deal with the cracking of orchid leaves

1. If only the leaves are rotten, remove the rotten leaves, wash them in clean water, and clean the rotten areas.

2. If the root system is found to be rotten, remove the rotten place with a blade, rinse it with clean water, and then leave it in a ventilated and cool place to dry.

3. Prepare the basin soil and expose it to the sun before use. Replant the plant, compacting the soil so that the roots come into contact with the soil. After that, pay attention to the maintenance methods, control the application of water and fertilizer, and pay attention to controlling the temperature.