How to govern the gentleman orchid with arrows?

Published: 2024-05-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/28, How to govern the gentleman orchid with arrows?

How to govern the gentleman's orchid with arrows.

Friends of flower growers, what I bring to you today is a little trick for the gentleman's orchid to manage with arrows:

First, the reason for clamping arrows.

1. If the temperature is too low, the extraction temperature of Cymbidium is about 20 ℃. If the temperature is lower than 15 ℃ for a long time, it is difficult to grow.

two。 Undernourished Cymbidium has a large demand for phosphorus and potash fertilizer during bud gestation and flowering. If it is lacking, it will make the orchid lack of strength, thus resulting in the phenomenon of arrow entrapment.

3. The oxygen demand of the root system of Magnolia grandiflora is large in the bud stage of basin soil hypoxia. If the basin soil is too fine or in a state of high humidity for a long time, it will reduce the basin soil permeability, resulting in hypoxia, resulting in arrow entrapment phenomenon.

4. Constant temperature cultivation of Cymbidium requires a temperature difference of 5 ℃ to 8 ℃ between day and night. If the plant is kept at the same temperature during the day and night, the nutrient accumulation will be affected, and the phenomenon of arrow entrapment will easily occur during flowering.

5. If the root system of Cymbidium is damaged or rotten, it will block the channel of nutrient absorption and affect the flowering of the plant.

II. Prevention and control measures

1. Adjust the temperature, increase the temperature difference into winter, after 20 days of low temperature treatment, put the plant under the normal temperature, and try to keep the temperature difference between day and night at 5 ℃ to 8 ℃.

two。 Increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to ensure nutrition into autumn and winter, and appropriately increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote plant flower formation and flowering.

3. Ensure the right amount of water supply during the extraction period, make sure that the water content of the basin soil is between 30% and 50%.

4. With the combination of medicine and medicine, the arrow promoter purchased in the market can be smeared on the flower clover or dripped in the pot soil according to the instructions; the leaves on both sides of the arrow can also be spread manually, but the leaves can not be damaged, so as to reduce the pinch force of the leaves on the flower flower and promote the flower flower to stretch out and grow as soon as possible.

5. Re-change soil, first dry and then wet re-change soil need to pay attention to: do not water within 5 days after soil change, the soil should not be dry soil, should maintain about 30% moisture; 5 days after watering a flood, so that generally can blossom.

First, the temperature is not suitable: the optimal temperature for the growth of Cymbidium is 15-25 degrees Celsius, if it is lower than 15 degrees Celsius, it is difficult to draw flowers and arrows. The temperature is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, which is not good for drawing arrows.

Second, the temperature difference is not enough: gentleman orchids like to have a fixed temperature difference between day and night, and it is difficult to move arrows if the temperature difference between day and night is less than 7 degrees Celsius.

Third, unreasonable nutrition: the flowering period of Magnolia needs more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so the application of too much nitrogen fertilizer and lack of phosphorus, potassium and trace elements will affect the flowering of arrows.

Fourth, water is not enough: water can make the plant maintain a normal posture, the cells and tissues in the body contain enough water, and the plant can carry out normal physiological activities. In the arrow-drawing stage, the gentleman orchid needs more water, and if the water supply is insufficient at this time, there will also be the phenomenon of arrow clamping.

Fifth, the pressure is too large: because the leaf sheath and false bulb pressure is too large, the arrow clip in the inside can not come out, resulting in the gentleman orchid entrapment arrow.