How to prepare the soil of Cymbidium

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to prepare the soil of Cymbidium

As a gentleman in flowers, orchids are favored by many flower friends because of their elegant temperament. However, if there is no better soil, gentleman orchid is also very difficult to grow well. So, what about Jack? Today, the editor recommends three kinds of soil to ensure that the orchid will not grow bad because of lack of fertilizer, and even make its leaves green.

I. residue of traditional Chinese medicine

For Magnolia, traditional Chinese medicine residue can be used as organic fertilizer. Because the residue of traditional Chinese medicine is rich in nutrition, it can be used as fertilizer for Magnolia. We can bury the residue of traditional Chinese medicine into the basin soil and wait for 3 months to examine it. At this time, the traditional Chinese medicine residue has been completely fermented and mature, and has been fully integrated with the soil. Such a basin-soil mixture has become a very high-quality soil.

2. Rotten leaf soil

Don't look at the rotten leaf soil growing black, it is very nutritious! We can bury it into the bottom of the potted magnolia and use it as the base fertilizer of the magnolia. Or spread it on the potted soil surface of the magnolia pot, about 3 centimeters thick is more appropriate. In this way, the soil in the basin is not prone to hardening, and there is no need to fertilize the basin for a year.

Third, pine needle soil

Pine needle soil is a kind of very high quality soil, which is fertile, breathable and soft. After using this soil for potted Magnolia, the plant is not prone to yellow leaves, and it looks green, and it can also promote the flowering of Magnolia.