To clivia change pots, is spring good? Autumn is better?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, To clivia change pots, is spring good? Autumn is better?

To raise a good clivia, there is an indispensable link, that is, for pots! Some flower friends raise clivia, two or three years also do not change a pot, that this clivia to say the truth, can not raise dead is very good, then when to change the pot appropriate clivia.

I told you in the previous video that the time to change the pot for Clivia is spring and autumn every year. If it can be changed twice a year, it's good. If it's too troublesome, we have to make sure to change it once.

As for spring? Or is it better to change in autumn? This depends on the situation, than we raise clivia has not yet grown, or is mature, but has not yet blossomed, then it is time to change pots in autumn.

And if it is mature flowering clivia, we are in the spring to it for pots, why do you say so? Because Clivia flowers consume a lot of nutrients, when the spring flowering is over, it is urgent to supplement nutrients to restore physical strength, and after changing pots in spring, the energy supplement is sufficient, which will be more conducive to its summer.

A lot of flower friends are more concerned about what soil to use for changing pots of Clivia? As for soil mixing, flower friends may have their own soil mixing methods, but they must always be permeable, breathable and nutritious. The soil mixing method commonly used by me for planting Clivia is: 70% peat soil +25% pearlite +5% vermiculite! This way, not only is it permeable to water and breathable, but it can also guarantee nutrients.

In addition, there is a point to remind big, summer weather hot, clivia will enter a dormant period, this stage of maintenance is more critical, we must put it in a well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.