What is the flower language of leek orchid?

Published: 2024-02-27 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/27, What is the flower language of leek orchid?

Leek orchid is a very common flower, it is difficult to attract attention, when it is not blooming, it is like a monotonous leek, which is easy to be ignored. So, what is the flower language of leek orchid?

When the leek orchid blossoms that day, all the people who have ignored the leek orchid will be ashamed that they have ignored such beautiful flowers. Chive orchid silently proved their worth with elegant flowers. This is the protagonist that the editor wants to introduce to you, the obscure, blockbuster Jiulan.

The words of chives and orchids: strong and brave face

The meaning of leek orchid:

Chinese chive orchid is also called wind and rain flower. As the flowering period of the leek orchid is in full bloom in the early summer wind and rain, so the leek orchid is also known as the wind and rain flower. It is strong and brave to face setbacks and difficulties. Chives and orchids are suitable for those who are indomitable, more and more brave and lack courage.