How to maintain white orchids in full bloom?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How to maintain white orchids in full bloom?

The blooming season of white orchids is generally concentrated in July-September, during this period, if not properly maintained, the leaves will wither, or even the whole plant will die. If well maintained, the leaves will flourish and the flowers will bloom continuously. So, how to maintain the white orchid in full bloom.

1. Just be gentle. White orchids like light, can be placed under a shaded shed in summer, open the curtain in the morning to let it receive sunshine, after 9 o'clock should cover the cover, shelter from the sun, especially to avoid the noon bright light.

two。 Water should be diligent. White orchids like to be wet, often watered in summer, watered once every morning and evening, and sprayed twice in the morning and afternoon in the high temperature weather to increase humidity, because their roots are fleshy roots, afraid of stagnant water, and should be watered less or not in cloudy and rainy days. In case of rain, the drainage in the basin should be paid attention to in time to prevent the root from soaking and rotting, resulting in the death of the whole plant. Because the white orchid is a typical acidic flower, afraid of alkali, the water alkalinity in the north is greater, and the leaves are easy to yellowing and falling off after long-term use, so Rain Water saved during watering time can also be watered with ferrous sulfate.

3. Be fat. White orchids like big fat and big water during the growing period, not only should they be well watered, but also should be well fertilized. Liquid fertilizer is used to fertilize. Horseshoe slices, sesame paste and ferrous sulfate are mixed according to the ratio of 1: 1: 1: 0.5 and soaked in water for a week. After fermentation, the effect is better when diluted with water every 5 days. The flowers and leaves are broad and thick, and the flowers are fragrant.

4. Guard against bugs. White orchid is easy to be attacked by red spiders in summer. It is usually necessary to spray more water on leaves and plants to increase humidity to prevent the occurrence of insect pests. If it occurs, when the number is small, you can use a sprayer to wash leaves with clear water. If the number of insects is more, 1000 times of 20% triclofenac EC can be sprayed to get rid of insects.