How to prevent and cure the mosaic disease of national orchid?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to prevent and cure the mosaic disease of national orchid?

Orchid mosaic disease is a very headache problem, today I will share with you how to prevent and control orchid mosaic disease.

Causes of disease:

Chinese orchid mosaic virus occurs all over the world. The virus particle is about 480nm long and 13nm wide, and the virus is easily transmitted by mechanical juice. The virus naturally infects as many as 38 genera of orchid plants and is a virus with a wide host range in orchid plants.

Chinese orchid leaf disease transmission route:

When dividing and transplanting, the infected plants can be infected by picking up the infected plants 'fingers and scissors. The roots of diseased plants are easily damaged, and the virus can flow out from the bottom of the basin when watering, which is infectious.

Prevention measures of orchid leaf disease:

1. Destroy the diseased plants immediately after they are found. If it is a rare variety, it should also be isolated and sprayed with a new lipid membrane to form a protective film to prevent the spread of germs. 2. When dividing plants for reproduction, fingers and tools should be washed with soap water. Instead of washing many plants with the same bucket of water, they should be washed one by one under running water. Timely use of tree protection generals, control the breeding and spread of airborne viruses, protect the plant self-defense response instinct, destroy harmful bacteria supply sources, penetrate the virus, close the virus replication and transmission routes.