Skillful Management of potted Milan Flower

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Skillful Management of potted Milan Flower

How to manage potted Milan flowers? Have you mastered all the management methods of potted Milan flowers? Next, the editor will introduce the management methods of potted Milan flowers to you in detail to help you better grow Milan flowers.

Cuttings, high branches, or sowing for reproduction. Milan flowers like warmth and plenty of sunshine. Commonly used striping and cutting propagation. Striping, mainly high-altitude striping, select annual Lignified branches in the plum rain season, make annular peeling 1cm wide at the base of 20cm, apply it to the girdling site with moss or peat, and then fasten it up and down with thin film, which can take root in 2-3 months. Cuttings, about 10 cm of top shoots were cut from June to August, inserted into peat, and began to take root 2 months later.

Cultivation management: potted Milan flowers benefit from loose, drained and well-ventilated soil. Pay attention to shade when seedlings, avoid strong light exposure, after the seedlings grow new leaves, fertilize once every 2 weeks, but the amount of water must be controlled, should not be too wet, spraying new high-fat film can prevent bacteria infection, improve the ability to resist natural disasters, improve the intensity of photosynthesis, protect the growth of grain seedlings. Changing the basin once every 1 ~ 2 years, fertilizing once a week or 2 weeks during the growth period, and spraying Zhuangtuanling at the right time can make the plant stalks stout, leaves thick, leaves fresh and tender, and plants luxuriant.

Spraying Huawang No. 3 at the top of the plant at the bud stage could transform plant vegetative growth into reproductive nutrition, inhibit the crazy growth of main shoots, promote flower bud differentiation and blossom more. In addition to the midsummer noon shade, there should be more sunshine, so that Milan not only blossoms more times, but also has a rich fragrance. The winter moves into the room where there is direct sunlight, and the overwintering temperature is above 10 ℃. During the growing period, the prevention of diseases and pests of Milan flower was carried out, and the new high-fat membrane was sprayed at the initial stage of the disease, which greatly increased the effective composition rate of pesticides.