Is an orchid orchid? What's the difference between orchids and orchids?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, Is an orchid orchid? What's the difference between orchids and orchids?

Orchid is not orchid, orchid belongs to a kind of orchid, the stem of orchid is erect, the leaf is long lanceolate, raceme, erect upward, several to many leaves, flower color is mainly plain; the stem of orchid is slightly stout, there are lanceolate auricles on both sides, clustered inflorescences, many but not messy, leaves clustered from stem, flower color from light brown to light yellow.

Is an orchid orchid? what's the difference?

I. difference between stems and stems

Bluegrass: the stem is slightly stout, with lanceolate auricles on both sides.

Orchids: the stems are erect and the leaves are long lanceolate.

2. Inflorescence difference

Bluegrass: it is a bilobous plant with clustered fleshy inflorescences. The perianth has 2 whorls, the inner whorl has 3 petals, the 2 petals are upright upward, and the lower one is lip-shaped, with an erect posture.

Orchid: raceme, fleshy perianth, petals erect upward, lower one rolled outward, and may be covered with purplish red patches.

Third, differences between leaves

Bluegrass: the leaves are clustered from the stem, and the leaves of the linear lilac are evergreen all the year round. it is numerous and uncluttered, prone, elegant and elegant.

Orchid: several to many leaves, usually growing on the root of the pseudobulb or on the lower stem nodes, mostly distichous, banded or rarely oblanceolate or narrowly elliptic, with broad sheaths in most cases and surrounded by pseudobulbs and joints.

IV. Differences in design and color

Bluegrass: the flower color from light brown to light yellow, the more yellow the more precious.

Orchids: mainly plain, with pure white, white-green, yellow-green, light yellow, yellowish brown, red, cyan and purple.