How does orchid plant sprout quickly?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, How does orchid plant sprout quickly?

In the process of orchid cultivation, if you want to let orchids grow more buds, or let them grow new buds more quickly, you must master good methods. Today we will understand how orchids germinate quickly.

Five quick songs:

1. Fertile soil

First of all, we need to find a soil suitable for orchid cultivation. It is suitable for growing in loose soil, breathable, well drained and acidic soil. We can choose rotting soil, red soil and river sand to mix according to the ratio of 6:3:1. Such mixed soil can cultivate orchids and make them sprout quickly.

2. Watering and fertilizing

Orchids if you want to germinate quickly, do not water too much, because it does not like to grow in a humid environment, spring and autumn is better every 10 days watering, summer 2 days watering, winter can be every 20 days watering, and there are sufficient nutrients to germinate fast, generally summer and autumn apply a thin decomposed liquid fertilizer, spring and winter do not need fertilization.

3. Ambient temperature

For orchids how to grow fast this problem, many flower friends ignore the environmental temperature, orchids in the right temperature to germinate fast, it is suitable for growth in 16~24℃, not lower than 5℃, every winter better temperature control at 10℃, so that orchids can grow better, germination speed will be much faster.

4. Sunlight demand

Orchids do not like wet, do not like dry, in the light must pay attention to, spring and autumn three seasons, do not need to place it in the sun for long-term irradiation, just need to place it in a place with astigmatism can be cultured, summer is better not to let orchids see the sun, because the summer sun is very poisonous, will easily cause orchids to die, in the correct breeding method, orchids germinate quickly.

5. Moderate ramets

In fact, proper plant division can also help orchids germinate. After every orchid grows in the pot, a large number of roots will be placed in the soil, which is not conducive to orchids absorbing nutrients. In the long run, it will lead to malnutrition of orchids and slow germination speed. However, if the plant division method is used, this problem can be solved continuously, so that orchids germinate faster and can be planted.