How to trim white orchids?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, How to trim white orchids?

White orchid is an evergreen broad-leaved fragrant flower in Magnoliaceae. From April to October, the bud blooms with fragrant fragrance, but it is resistant to pruning. Every time it is cut off, it must shrink downwards. So, how to prune the magnolia?

First, pull branches. Throughout the year, mainly lateral branches or branchlets on lateral branches, change the direction of branches by opening the branches (70 to 90), and promote the formation of new branches and flower buds.

Second, take a branch. In the peak period of its growth, the more erect side branches start from the base of the branch, bend with their hands towards the larger part of the space, until there are slight cracks in the back of the branch, and repeat again a week later.

Third, break the top. In the period of exuberant growth, the young terminal buds of exuberant branches can be stabbed with a needle or cut with a blade, or they can also be scratched by hand or simply pulled out of the top.

Fourth, pruning. If pruning is really needed, it should be pruned in the summer when the new buds grow from 3 cm to 5 cm. After pruning, seal the wound with mud mass mixed with (dioxone, etc.) and auxin (naphthylacetic acid) and wrap it tightly with small plastic film for external use.

Fifth, chemical control method. The whole plant was sprayed with paclobutrazol of 1500ppm during the peak growth period.

According to the situation, the above methods can be used alone or in combination, such as pulling branches after breaking the top, pulling branches after treatment with paclobutrazol, or pulling branches, pruning, taking branches and so on.

Practice has proved that, combined with daily management, using the above methods of pruning and styling, it is possible to grow plump white orchids.