Can the gentleman orchid pour beer water?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Can the gentleman orchid pour beer water?

The leaves of Magnolia are broad and oil-green, and the flowers are large and colorful when they bloom, so they are very suitable for ornamental potted plants. when it comes to flowering, they are very beautiful and eye-catching. And some friends like to pour a little beer water for them in order to make the leaves of Cymbidium greener and bloom more brightly. So, Jack.

As for the gentleman orchid can pour beer wine, we first need to know what ingredients are in the beer water. Beer water usually contains a lot of malt and alcohol, and malt is rich in sugar, but magnolia is not suitable for sugar intake. After pouring beer water to a gentleman, the alcohol evaporates and leaves sugars and other substances on the leaves.

Therefore, considering from these aspects, it is not suitable for a gentleman to water beer under normal circumstances. But beer water can usually be used to wipe plant leaves, which can make the leaves greener and brighter. Therefore, some friends also want to wipe the leaves of Cymbidium with beer water.

But in fact, the gentleman orchid is not suitable to wipe the leaves with beer water. Although using it to wipe the leaves of Cymbidium can increase the greening and brightening of the leaves, it can not change the quality of the orchid itself. On the contrary, it is easy to leave sugar and alcohol on the leaves, which is disadvantageous to the respiration of the leaves.

Therefore, if we want to keep the leaves of the orchid clean and shiny, it is recommended to use clean water to wipe its leaves instead of beer water. But if you don't raise magnolia, you can't use beer at all? Of course not. For some purposes, we can use a little beer water properly.

Under normal circumstances, in the stage of drawing arrows, we can add a small amount of beer when we need watering, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of arrows. This is helpful for its smooth flowering, but the concentration and pouring frequency should be strictly controlled.