How to cultivate magnolia indoors?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, How to cultivate magnolia indoors?

Clivia is a flower that many friends like. Today, I will share with you how to cultivate Clivia indoors.

How to grow clivia indoors:

Selection of soil. Clivia belongs to fleshy root, suitable for growth in loose, fertile, breathable soil, fertile loose neutral or weak acid soil is the best choice of clivia soil, soil selection for clivia cultivation is the key to success.

Watering. Clivia watering remember a principle-do not dry without watering, watering will be watered thoroughly. If you pour too little at a time, the damage to Clivia is particularly large. The watering time of Clivia is generally morning or evening watering, while watering should avoid flower heart, so as not to fester flower heart.

Fertilization. As for the choice of fertilizer for Clivia, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer are beneficial to the growth of Clivia, and nitrogen fertilizer can be applied less. When fertilizing must grasp the good quantity, excessive easy to cause Clivia leaves appear charred symptoms. Before winter flowerpots enter the room, you can use bone meal, fried sesame seeds, cooked soybeans, etc. or compound fertilizer to irrigate water every 15 to 20 days.

Keep warm. Clivia growth in winter suitable temperature is 15-20℃, not lower than 10℃, 0℃ Clivia will be frozen, so winter must be done insulation measures. Proper spraying of tree protection generals to keep warm and freeze. Or after the flower stems are extracted, pay attention to maintaining a good indoor temperature, generally around 18 ° C.

Light. The growth of plants requires light, for Clivia, prefer scattered light, can not be direct light. In winter, we should pay attention to the needs of Clivia for light. Clivia raised indoors can be placed in a place with sufficient light in the house. If Clivia is about to bloom, sufficient light is needed to ensure the healthy development of flower buds. And ensure good ventilation, suitable lighting.