Four basic principles of fertilization in Orchid

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, Four basic principles of fertilization in Orchid

Fertilization plays an important role in the growth of orchids. I will share it with you today.

Four points should be paid attention to when applying fertilizer to orchids:

First, light is the first, thin fertilizer is applied frequently

To raise orchids well, it is necessary to apply fertilizer. Although orchids do not like fertilizer relatively, reasonable fertilization is still necessary. Practice has repeatedly proved that orchid fertilization should not be eager for quick success and quick profit, and thick fertilizer should be applied frequently. This is one of the reasons for the failure of raising orchids. The correct fertilization method would rather be light, not too thick, light for the first, thin fertilizer is applied frequently, is the best way to ensure the healthy growth of orchids.

Second, treat differently and apply fertilizer according to seedlings.

Fertilizing orchids should not be done across the board, but should be treated differently because of the seedlings. Generally speaking, it is necessary to fertilize the strong grass properly, while the weak and diseased seedlings are mainly kept clean, but fertilization is counterproductive and leads to failure. Under the same conditions, the fertilizer application rate of Cymbidium was more than that of Chunlan, and that of Cymbidium was less than that of other orchids. In a word, the fertilization of orchids varies from seedling to seedling and from orchid to orchid.

Third, choose orchid fertilizer according to reproductive material.

Lanfei can be divided into organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, which should be selected according to the characteristics of reproductive wood. The fertilizer of raising orchid with granular breeding material should be mainly organic fertilizer to make up for its lack of nutrients, and those who raise orchid with orchid mud can properly apply inorganic fertilizer to complement each other's advantages and make the orchid seedlings stronger. But on the whole, the effect of using organic fertilizer is better.

Fourth, keep pace with the times and apply it at the right time

The season of orchid fertilization is also very important. It is necessary to apply fertilizer to promote bud timely after spring flowers bloom. This fertilization is very important and directly affects the growth of orchids throughout the year. Fertilizer for promoting buds and strong seedlings should be applied in autumn season, and fertilizer should not be used in high temperature season and winter. In short, keep pace with the times, timely fertilization, orchids will thrive.

So much for sharing with you. I believe you all have a certain understanding. I hope this article will be helpful to you.