Culture techniques of potted Milan flower

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Culture techniques of potted Milan flower

The leaves of the newly bought Milan flowers are wilting. Why? Why do the leaves turn yellow? I believe that many people are perplexed by this problem. Today, the editor will give you a pedigree about how to protect Milan flowers. Why are the leaves of Milan wilting? First, first of all, let's see if there is a shortage of water. Milan should do a good job in watering and keep the basin soil moist all the year round.

Although the Milan flower is beautiful, it is full of fragrance when it blossoms. What about the growing environment of the Milan flower? Are Milan flowers afraid of the cold? Through the introduction of the article, we know whether the Milan flower is afraid of the cold or not. Is Milan afraid of freezing? the answer is definitely cold! Milan is suitable for growing at a temperature of no less than 10 degrees Celsius to grow normally! Milan is an evergreen shrub, a typical tropical and subtropical ornamental plant! If you plant Milan flowers in the north, put them in a well-lit place indoors in autumn and winter to prevent or freeze to death! In what season in Milan, before it sprouted in spring, probably in March, during the current growing season, don't change it. If you want to take out the whole clod, add some soil to the bottom of the new basin, and put the whole clod in it. If the roots are exposed under the clod, it will be overcast for a few days if you don't have to slow down the seedlings. Milan is a positive flower. There should be sunshine in any season, and it is easy to freeze to death even if it is warm in winter.

Milan is a subtropical tree species produced in Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan and Southeast Asia. Like the mild and humid environment. As Milan is a southern plant, it is difficult to cultivate it indoors in Beijing, especially in the city. We need to take care of it. I will introduce it to you today.

There may be many reasons for the loss of leaves in Milan, such as soil pH, water pH and fertilizer problems. Here are some technical points of Milan's farming in the north as follows: Milan is planted with peat, rotten leaves and sandy soil in the north. Families can use (old) gentleman orchid soil and plain noodle sand soil mixed with cooperative cultivation soil. Do not use the basin too large, do not add alkaline fertilizer to the soil, and pad the drainage layer at the bottom of the basin. After the seedlings are planted, they are first maintained in the shade. Spray water on the leaves and around the ground every day when the sky is dry to keep the environment moist. Wait for the new leaves to grow and then move to the shade, and then gradually adapt to the strong light, the flowers are more fragrant. The flower seedlings on the pot in spring will start to be fertilized before and after the Beginning of Autumn. It is better to use thin organic liquid fertilizer.

From the second year, organic liquid fertilizer is applied every 20 days in the peak growing season. If the mixed solution of 0.1% urea and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be applied alternately, the flowers and leaves will be more luxuriant. The basin soil should always be kept moist, do not miss the drought, but do not accumulate water for a long time. If it is placed indoors to strengthen ventilation, it should be rotated to the outside in about 15 days. Sufficient sunshine should be seen inside the room in winter, and the room temperature should not be lower than 8 ℃. Control water and ban fertilizer, and pay attention to the opening and closing of doors and windows to avoid cold wind and smoke pollution. Prevent the harm of shell insects and coal fouling disease. In North China, after the dry wind from late April to early May, it will be moved to outdoor maintenance. Milan can change the basin every two years.

Milan should start pruning and shaping from the seedlings and retain a section of the trunk 15 cm to 20 cm high. Do not let the trunk branches emerge from the soil, but should branch and prune above the trunk 15 cm high to make the plant look plump. The lower branches of perennial plants often grow old and die. Therefore, the north should be cut every other year in high temperature season to promote the adventitious buds in the lower part of the main branch to germinate and grow new lateral branches, so as to keep the tree well-proportioned, strong, leafy and flowering.

At this point, Milan is a symbol of bravery and passion.