Can I spray water on the leaves of orchids?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Can I spray water on the leaves of orchids?

Orchids have been cultivated in China for more than two thousand years, and many people who love flowers like to raise orchids. As long as our maintenance method is correct and the management work is in place, the orchid will also show a beautiful posture, which is very lovable. So, in addition to watering orchids,.

In fact, whether orchids need to spray water, usually need to be divided into a variety of situations. If we grow orchids indoors, water spraying is usually not recommended. Because the indoor environment is generally poor air circulation, coupled with relatively little light, if the orchid is sprayed with water, the leaves will be attached to the leaves for a long time, which is not easy to dry.

And there is a more important reason, that is, spraying water will inevitably splash water on the orchid heart, coupled with the limitations of the indoor environment, the orchid heart is not easy to dry, so in this case it is easy to cause the orchid plant to have a rotten heart. This is very disadvantageous to the growth of plants.

However, if we maintain orchids in a well-ventilated and well-lit outdoor environment, we can usually spray water for orchids. Because even if the spray water, the moisture is also relatively easy to dry in a short time, so it will not cause orchid leaves, rotten heart and other results.

And if orchids are often sprayed with water in an outdoor environment, there are many benefits. Especially in the case of high temperature and hot weather, it can not only play the role of cooling and moisturizing, but also keep the leaves clean and promote the ability of leaves to exchange air, which is also very beneficial to promote the growth of orchid plants. and it will make potted plants more ornamental.

However, to spray water on the orchid plant, do not spray the water on the leaf center of the orchid plant as far as possible, and spray evenly to avoid spraying too much water, otherwise the water mist may form a flow of water dripping into the leaf center, which will also cause heart rot.

Not only that, sometimes we can add nutrients to the orchid plant, but also liquid fertilizer. If you spray foliar fertilizer, you must control the concentration, otherwise it is also easy to cause rotten heart, and even cause rotten leaves. Therefore, when we spray foliar fertilizer, we should control the concentration, choose fertilizers that are not easy to cause burns, and control the amount of spraying, so that the spray is uniform but will not form water droplets.