Can Milan flowers be raised outdoors?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Can Milan flowers be raised outdoors?

Some flower friends asked, this depends on the specific situation, first of all flower friends to know, Milan flowers are not cold-resistant, but also very cold-resistant, so can be raised outdoors, mainly depends on the region, and whether potted plants and other conditions. If it is a flower friend in the south, the winter temperature can be above 10℃, Milan flower can be cultivated outdoors, but if it is a flower friend in the north, planting in the ground is definitely not possible.

And if it is potted Milan flowers, regardless of the south or north can be raised outdoors, and so on when the weather is cold to move indoors for winter, so that you can avoid the problem of cold winter temperatures.

However, in some areas, the temperature in winter is not high, there is no indoor heating, and it is impossible to maintain the room temperature above 10℃. In this case, it is not recommended to raise Milan flowers. Although it can be raised in spring, summer and autumn, it is difficult to survive the winter. Milan flowers are woody plants, so it is not cost-effective to raise them for only one year.

Milan maintenance is better to put the sun, fertilizer water will keep up with a lot of stubble flowers, Milan bogey ponding, other casually raised, but in winter afraid of cold, most areas of winter need to put indoor sunshine, and blowing cold wind place, winter cold wind blowing to definitely hang, more afraid of cold.