How to grow Milan flowers? Maintenance skills of Milan flower

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to grow Milan flowers? Maintenance skills of Milan flower

As an ornamental plant, Milan flower is generally planted in the courtyard or indoor pot. So how to grow Milan flowers? What are the conservation skills of Milan flowers? The editor will introduce it to you.

Planting technique of Milan flower

Milan can be exposed to the sun all the four seasons without shade. If there is enough fat and water, it will grow vigorously, blossom more and have a strong fragrance. Turn the basin and change the soil every 2-3 years, usually from late 4 days to early May, and the operation is the same as that of other flowers. Flower friends should pay attention to planting with soil, pour water after planting, put it in an indoor ventilated place, and move out of the room after the night frost.

After the plant recovers, it can be watered normally and grasp the principle of "dry and wet". In summer and autumn, it is usually once a day, fertilizing once every 10-15 days, and the concentration of 20% is also in full bloom during the period of high temperature from July to August. Fertilization is applied once every semimonthly and stops at the end of September. Watering can be done every 3-4 days.

Late autumn (the end of October) moved into the sunny place indoors, pay attention to ventilation, the room temperature should be 10-12 ℃, not less than 5 ℃ at night, so as not to make the terminal bud sprout. It is appropriate to go out in the middle and last ten days of April in spring and apply liquid fertilizer mainly with phosphate fertilizer in May.

Maintenance skills of Milan flower

(1) Thermal insulation

When entering the room in late autumn, it should be kept between 6-12 ℃, and heat preservation measures should be taken when it is less than 5 ℃. Families put Milan in a styrofoam container, then cover it with plastic film and wear a few small holes to breathe; you can also put a small light bulb inside to warm up.

Friends who like to raise Milan, don't miss these skills again.

(2) avoid the cold and the wind.

Except for South China, in winter, even if the sun is fine, you can't take it out to bask in it, and you have to avoid blowing the cold wind blowing through the cracks into Milan.

(3) do not leave the room too early.

Some flower friends raise Milan, often take good care of it in winter, and take it out to bask in the sun in spring. As a result, Milan died of a "cold". It is safe to leave the room in Nanjing in mid-late April, and later in the north, probably in early May. There should be a transition stage before leaving the room. At the end of April, when the weather is fine, you can move outside to bask in the sun for 2-3 hours around noon. After 4-5 days in a row, you will basically adapt to the external environment, and then move to the outside.