The three "selections" of colored magnolia

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, The three "selections" of colored magnolia

Gentleman orchid as its name is like a modest gentleman, growing up is particularly attractive, no matter when it is blooming or not, it is a very good ornamental plant, many people like to raise a pot, its leaves are green, flowering clusters, attractive. However, when raising orchids, we will encounter a lot of unsatisfactory places, for example, the leaves of orchids turn yellow, but it is more common.

Cailan requires not only the color lanes of color orchids, but also the appreciation standards of green orchids. The specific requirements are as follows: the color lanes are evenly distributed: there should be a certain proportion of white and green. The color channel has a good contrast: green and white, bright and charming, exquisitely carved, with a sense of three-dimensional, transparency and freshness. The stability of the color channel is good: the color channel distribution of chimera orchid is more uniform on each leaf, and the closer each leaf is, the better. The color of Cailan is roughly divided into five types: wheel Road, Yuanyang Road, Caidao, Golden Road, and there are national orchid, Japanese orchid, Henglan, sparrow orchid and other strains. In breeding, color requirements and variety characteristics must be considered, and parents must be selected carefully.

I. breeding

1. Selection of parents

Since the emergence of colored orchids in the 1980s, the hybrid emergence rate has been 15%-20%. Only when plants with fairly uniform color stripes are selected as female parents, the emergence rate can reach 70%. Therefore, in the selection of parents, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the characters between the father and the mother, so that the characters complement each other, so that it is possible to get excellent orchid seedlings.

2. The choice of female parent

Based on the previous experience, the female parent first chooses the silk orchid, which is very transparent, which can penetrate through the front and back, and requires uniform distribution of color channels and high color purity; the larger the contrast between porcelain white and dark green, the better. Secondly, other characters are considered, such as leaf length, width, ratio of length to width, leaf vein, head shape, seat type, brightness, thickness, stiffness and so on. In the case of ensuring the emergence rate of offspring and the higher the ratio of Cymbidium, the better the other conditions are in line with the standard of Magnolia.

3. The choice of male parent

Choose the male parent, first choose the more thorough silk orchid. Secondly, it is considered that the defects of the female parent characters can be compensated, reformed and enhanced. In the production practice, it will be found that the quality of some male parents is very good, but the offspring obtained from different female parents are different. Therefore, the choice of good paternal parents can only be determined after long-term practice, recording, observation and summary.