Culture methods of Magnolia

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Culture methods of Magnolia

Magnolia, also known as magnolia, wood pen, etc., deciduous small trees, up to 5 meters high. The wood is fragrant, the branchlets are purple-brown, and the buds have fine hairs. Leaves simple, alternate, Obovate-elliptic; with stipules scars. Flowers bisexual, solitary, terminal, sepals 3, yellowish green, lanceolate, ca. 3 as long as petals; petals 6, purplish red outside, inner surface subwhite; pistil numerous, pistil sessile. The fruit is round in shape. Root is fleshy.

1. Soil: Magnolia prefers fertile, moist and well-drained sandy soil, does not tolerate drought, taboos alkali, and grows poorly on dry, alkaline soil and clay.

2. Watering: Magnolia flowers avoid drought and waterlogging, usually to ensure the supply of water, often spray water to the leaves, increase the air dampness, so as to avoid yellow leaves.

3. Sunshine: magnolia likes light and is slightly shady, so we should pay attention to the problem of lighting so that magnolia can fully accept the sunlight.

Temperature: magnolia like warm and humid climate, can also be cold-resistant, but if the temperature is lower in winter, it is still necessary to move to indoor insulation and breeding.

5. Fertilization: Magnolia like fertilizer, it should be fertilized in time, fertilizing once before and after flowering, mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, applying mature manure as base manure from October to November every year, and topdressing available nitrogen fertilizer for 2 or 3 times during sprouting and branching after anthesis.

6. Insect pests: the main pests of Magnolia are Haitong cotton scale, coal fouling disease and so on, which will reduce the ornamental value and can be sprayed with Popper 1-3 degree stone sulfur mixture. during nymph incubation, 40% omethoate EC 1000 times and 10% pyridine wettable powder 1500 times can be used. When adults occur, they are evenly sprayed with 800ml 1000 times liquid or 40% speed EC 1500 times. Adding appropriate amount of diesel oil during spraying can increase its permeability, and the liquid must be sprayed thoroughly.

7. Pruning: Magnolia must be removed from tillers, sprouting and pruning to facilitate the tree-shaped growth of magnolia.

Magnolia always has a noble meaning, because it is tree-shaped, so it is often planted at home in the courtyard and other places, magnolia is more beautiful, deeply loved by people, so this is the introduction here, hoping to help everyone.