The mode of propagation of Milan flower

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, The mode of propagation of Milan flower

The leaves of the newly bought Milan flowers are wilting. Why? Why do the leaves turn yellow? I believe that many people are perplexed by this problem. Today, the editor will give you a pedigree about how to protect Milan flowers. Why are the leaves of Milan wilting? First, first of all, let's see if there is a shortage of water. Milan should do a good job in watering and keep the basin soil moist all the year round.

Although the Milan flower is beautiful, it is full of fragrance when it blossoms. What about the growing environment of the Milan flower? Are Milan flowers afraid of the cold? Through the introduction of the article, we know whether the Milan flower is afraid of the cold or not. Is Milan afraid of freezing? the answer is definitely cold! Milan is suitable for growing at a temperature of no less than 10 degrees Celsius to grow normally! Milan is an evergreen shrub, a typical tropical and subtropical ornamental plant! If you plant Milan flowers in the north, put them in a well-lit place indoors in autumn and winter to prevent or freeze to death! In what season in Milan, before it sprouted in spring, probably in March, during the current growing season, don't change it. If you want to take out the whole clod, add some soil to the bottom of the new basin, and put the whole clod in it. If the roots are exposed under the clod, it will be overcast for a few days if you don't have to slow down the seedlings. Milan is a positive flower. There should be sunshine in any season, and it is easy to freeze to death even if it is warm in winter.

Milan is one of people's favorite flowers and plants, and the flowers are in full bloom in season. As an edible flower, essence can be extracted. Such as Milan scented tea, I would like to introduce it to you today.

Cuttings, high branches, or sowing are used for propagation of Milan flowers.

Striping: mainly high-altitude striping, annual Lignified branches are selected in the plum rain season, ring peeling is made at 20 cm at the base, 1 cm wide, applied with moss or peat, and then fastened up and down with thin film, it can take root in 2-3 months.

Cuttings: about 10 cm of top shoots were cut from June to August, inserted into peat, and began to take root 2 months later.

This is the end of the introduction. I believe everyone will know something after reading it.