How to turn a gentleman's orchid into a group of orchids

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to turn a gentleman's orchid into a group of orchids

Many potted friends like to raise magnolia, not only because its leaves are broad and greenish, but also because it blossoms huge and beautiful, as a potted plant, the ornamental value is very high, and the effect of decorating the home environment is also very good. But many potted friends also hope to develop a single gentleman orchid into a group of orchids. So, what about.

If you want to turn a gentleman's orchid into a group of orchids, you need to start at the seedling stage. It is also recommended to use red jade soil as a substrate to grow magnolia, because the budding rate of the plant is much faster than that of rotten leaf soil. In fact, the cultivation of magnolia into a group of orchids is realized on the basis of wiping or beheading.

Before the gentleman orchid develops into a group of orchids, it should be watered once and thoroughly. Then put the pot in a ventilated place for 3-5 days to keep the water holding capacity in the pot soil at about 50% and 60%. If it is watered too much, it has fewer leaves, and its roots will lack oxygen in moist soil, and its roots may rot.

Next, clean up the soil around the seedlings and cut off the above ground part of the plant with a razor blade. If the knife is not cut in place, the knife can be mended until the position of the resection is satisfactory.

However, in order to avoid wound infection, it is recommended to sprinkle a layer of carbendazim powder on the wound left behind. In this way, the wound heals more quickly, and it is not easy to cause wound infection and rot the foundation pile of Magnolia.

Next, put the potted plants in a cool and well-ventilated place to maintain, do not water during the period. As long as the pot soil is not dry, it cannot be watered. If the basin soil is dry, you can use small water to soak the soil along the edge of the basin wall away from the plant.

But watering, it is recommended from the symmetrical position in the basin, near the edge of the inner wall of the basin can be immersed in a small amount of water. Because it is not easy to control the amount of water if it is watered along the inner wall of the basin. Not only that, do not apply fertilizer before the orchid sprouts and grow leaves again, and soak the soil with small water when there is a lack of water.

When the new buds of Cymbidium grow about 2 cm, we can transplant it into the special soil of Cymbidium. After taking the basin, we can restore the normal maintenance and management for it. In this way, the plant will slowly grow into a group of orchids.