What kind of water does the orchid water? what water does the orchid water have a good effect?

Published: 2024-03-03 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/03/03, What kind of water does the orchid water? what water does the orchid water have a good effect?

Generally speaking, the water for orchids should be clean and warm. The ancients said that running water is better than stagnant water, and clear water is better than muddy water. After people's long-term practice

The order of water quality requirements for flowers is roughly as follows:

(1) Rain Water (including dew)

(2) Snow water (also known as snow-dissolved water)

(3) Shanqing water (including spring water)

(4) River water (refers to natural running water free of industrial pollution)

(5) Water from ponds, lakes, reservoirs, etc.

(6) Tap water

(7) well water.

The basis of watering orchids

In general, family orchids do not have an instrument for measuring and analyzing water content, which largely depends on practical experience. The common and simple methods are:

(1) hold the waist of the orchid basin with both hands together, when lifting the orchid basin upward, there is a sense of weightlessness, that is, as the saying goes, it is light, which shows that the basin soil is too dry and needs water supply; on the contrary, there is no need to rush to supply water.

(2) there is moisture infiltration on the outside of the basin (this phenomenon is often found in tile and sandy basins), and it feels cold in the hand, which indicates that the soil in the basin has enough water; the appearance of the basin shows dryness; there is no cold feeling, indicating that the water in the basin is limited.

(3) strike each part of the basin body with a small stone, the sound is clear, indicating that the basin soil is dry, and the sound is cloudy that there is still a certain amount of water.

Dialectical application of water according to different circumstances

Roughly summed up, there are the following differences:

(1) where tile and sand basins should be poured more, purple sand should be in the middle, and porcelain pots and glaze basins should be less watered.

(2) large pots should be watered more. There is little soil in the small basin, and the water storage time is short, so we should pay more attention to the observation, and give less to the few seedlings and more to the seedlings.

(3) more watering of basin soil materials; on the contrary, less watering should be done for those that are not beneficial to water.

(4) according to the growing season of the orchid, there is more water supply in the germination period, which can be gradually reduced after the bud grows; when it comes to the dormant period, it can be irrigated less after winter; the bud growth and florescence should be moist, and the arrows can be slightly more in the following year; it can be reduced in the flowering period, and the normal water supply will return to normal after half a month of flower withering.