What about the rotten roots of orchids? The solution to the rotting Root of Orchid

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What about the rotten roots of orchids? The solution to the rotting Root of Orchid

The more growers of orchids, although orchids like to be wet, but too wet will easily cause rotten roots and cause black spot disease. The more orchid growers reflect that the phenomenon of rotten roots of orchids is more serious, don't worry, then the editor will introduce the solutions of rotten roots of orchids to you in detail to help you better plant orchids.

The solution to the rotten roots of orchids:

1. In winter, orchids are dormant and grow slowly, so the potted soil must not be too wet and dry; spring and early summer are the prosperous periods of orchid growth, so there must be water in the potted soil to ensure the water supplied by the orchid growth. but remember not to be too wet, long-term too wet, will also cause orchids rotten roots, and even lead to orchid death. Therefore, the grasp of water is very important, too much water will cause soil water accumulation, poor air permeability, hinder the root growth, and cause the root system to blacken and rot.

two。 The potted soil must be wet in autumn to facilitate the emergence of leaves and flowers in the coming year. Fertilization is indispensable in orchid planting, improper fertilization will also cause orchid root rot, too much fertilization, too thick will be disadvantageous to the growth of orchids, so fertilization must be paid attention to, coordination, fertilizer application must be grasped, in order to ensure the better growth of orchids.