How to trim the Milan flower? Pruning methods of Milan flowers

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How to trim the Milan flower? Pruning methods of Milan flowers

Milan flower, with small flowers and small leaves, has high ornamental value. Milan flowers are growing fast again and need to be pruned in time. How should the Milan flowers be trimmed? Next, I would like to introduce to you the method of pruning Milan flowers.

Pruning methods of Milan Flower at Seedling stage

Milan flowers from the seedling stage to begin shaping, leaving only a section of 15-20 cm trunk, do not let the trunk from the soil surface cluster, to make it bifurcate growth, in order to make the plant type plump. Because the lower branches of perennial old plants are easy to die, they should be pruned every other year during the period of high temperature from the seedling stage, so as to promote the adventitious buds under the main branches to grow new lateral branches, so as to keep the trees well-proportioned and strong. Leaves are luxuriant.

The long-term pruning method of Milan peanut

Pruning in time during the growing period can promote the germination of lateral branches and make Milan's crown luxuriant and dense. When the growth of the plant is too tall or out of harmony with the placement space, the branches that have passed the high school can be cut short to make the Milan flower grow horizontally and expand the crown. But be careful when trimming. The pruning time is usually carried out within a week before and after each flowering, and the apical buds and buds are removed properly during the bud period, and there is generally no need for pruning at high temperatures in summer.

Pruning methods of Milan flowers in spring

Milan's second pruning of the year is in spring, and once you choose to move outside (balcony), cut off dead, diseased and thin over-dense branches to enhance ventilation and light. And concentrate nutrients on the remaining branches, thus promoting the growth of Milan.

Daily pruning methods of Milan flowers

In fact, there is no fixed method of pruning Milan flowers, in addition to the seedling stage, early spring, these two periods of pruning is necessary, there is a special pruning situation. For example, in the north, when it is hot every other year, it is necessary to cut off the twigs that grow from the soil, usually pay attention to wiping the top and picking the heart, maintain the crown shape, and pick off the residual flowers in time after flowering. Pay attention to topdressing so as to facilitate the next flowering.