What fertilizer should be applied to potted magnolia in autumn?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, What fertilizer should be applied to potted magnolia in autumn?

Clivia verdant tall and straight, large and gorgeous flowers, is a high ornamental value of green plants, and can view leaves, but also suitable for flower viewing. However, recently some pot friends said that their potted Clivia grows too slowly, and although it enters winter, it does not see its flowering. Clivia why not bloom it.

In fact, to the autumn and winter season clivia slow growth and do not bloom phenomenon, this is mainly due to the lack of timely topdressing caused by. So, what if clivia doesn't bloom? Since the nutrient is insufficient, the first thing we think of at this time should be topdressing for it to supplement nutrients. So after entering autumn, we have to fertilize it in time. Well, then.

1. Supplement nitrogen fertilizer

Clivia is usually dormant in summer, but will gradually resume growth after entering autumn, then we need to supplement some nitrogen elements in time to promote growth. In the case of sufficient nitrogen element, Clivia can maintain rapid growth. Because soybeans are rich in nitrogen, we can use soybeans to make fertilizer.

Moreover, the operation method is also very simple, that is, the soybeans are cooked in water and then dried, and the temperature drops and then buried in the pot soil of Clivia. The soybeans ferment in the soil until they decompose, providing enough nitrogen for the clivia. Generally keep every half month according to this method to do once, clivia will soon grow green leaves to come.

II. Supplement phosphorus and potassium fertilizer

Because phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can promote the root growth and flower bud formation of Clivia, we can apply some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to Clivia before winter to promote flower bud development. Usually we use a concentration of 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution topdressing foliar fertilizer, spraying once a week can be.

Due to the large leaves of Clivia, foliar fertilizer after spraying good absorption. After the plants fully absorb P and K foliar fertilizer, it can also promote the growth and formation of flower buds. Moreover, potassium fertilizer can also improve the cold resistance of Clivia in winter, so that it can survive the winter safely and smoothly.

Therefore, we only need to carry out scientific topdressing for potted Clivia according to the above two fertilization methods. Potted Clivia not only grows rapidly, but also blooms fully, and can survive the winter safely and smoothly. It can be seen that scientific topdressing in autumn is crucial for the growth of potted Clivia.