What to do with the flower and arrow after the orchid blossoms?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, What to do with the flower and arrow after the orchid blossoms?

The magnificent orchid blossoms very gorgeously, the ornamental value is very high, and many people are attracted by its blooming beauty. Therefore, many potted friends like to plant potted orchids at home, but is it necessary to keep the arrows after the orchids? Where is it?

Family potted Magnolia had better not point powder after flowering, because if you want to harvest ripe fruit after flowering, it usually takes at least 8 months, and the fruit ripening time of different varieties of Magnolia is also different, even quite different, which will affect the physical beauty of potted Cymbidium. Therefore, when the orchid blossoms, it is generally necessary to cut off the flowers and arrows in time.

However, when we cut off the flower and arrow of the magnolia, we still need to deal with the wound in time, otherwise it may cause a series of problems. Generally speaking, after cutting off a gentleman's flower arrow with scissors, you should immediately wrap the wound with toilet paper, otherwise the wound left after cutting the flower arrow will exudate juice, and if these juice flows into the root of the plant, it is usually easy to cause rotten roots. thus affecting the normal growth of the plant.

At the same time, if you water the plant after cutting off the flowers and arrows, you can't pour water on the plant, otherwise if the wound is soaked with water, it is easy to cause wound infection and rot. Usually after a period of time, the wound will gradually dry, then atrophy and yellowing, and finally fall off. Another advantage of cutting off flower arrows after chemical transformation is that it can reduce nutrient consumption, so it is better to cut off flowers and arrows than to keep them. It can save a lot of nutrients for the plant, which is very important to promote the recovery of the gentleman orchid.