What disease is easy to happen to orchids in summer?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, What disease is easy to happen to orchids in summer?

People who like to raise orchids will often find that they are most likely to get sick in summer. Originally, there has been hot and hot weather in summer, which is already very difficult for orchids. If you get sick, it will make it more difficult to spend the summer.

Orchid is a very ornamental green plant, if you get sick in summer, it will not only affect the viewing, but also may make it difficult to spend summer fruit. Therefore, once it is found that orchids are infected in summer, it is necessary to prevent and cure them in time. So, what about.

In summer, orchids are most afraid of the growing environment of high temperature and humidity. Because in such a growing environment, orchids are often the most susceptible to soft rot and stem rot. Whether it is soft rot or stem rot, its harm is very great, and sometimes it will bring us irreparable losses.

If we put the sick orchid pot in the environment above 35 °C, it will be poured out to change the pot, it is a very dangerous thing, which may lead to the death of the plant. Therefore, when the orchid is infected with soft rot or stem rot, you must not change the basin directly.

And the right way to save, pick out the sick orchid, then remove the surrounding plant, and then use sterilized to cut off the infected false bulb. Then use agricultural streptomycin to evenly apply to the wound left after cutting off the false bulb.

Then wait another day, that is, 24 hours later, then dilute the solution with agricultural streptomycin in 500 times water, shake well and irrigate the orchid pot. This can effectively control orchid infection with soft rot or stem rot, so as to restore the normal state of the plant.