The efficacy and function of orchids and what should be paid attention to in growing orchids

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, The efficacy and function of orchids and what should be paid attention to in growing orchids

Orchids, epiphytic or terrestrial herbs, with several to many leaves, usually on the base or lower nodes of pseudobulbs, distichous, banded or rarely oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic, base generally with broad sheaths and enclosing pseudobulbs, articulate. Racemes with several or many flowers, the colors are white, pure white, white-green, yellowish green, yellowish brown, yellow, red, cyan, purple. Orchids in traditional Chinese flowers only refer to several species of terrestrial orchids distributed in Chinese orchids, such as Chunlan, Huilan, Jianlan, Cymbidium and Hanlan, which are commonly referred to as Chinese orchids.

The efficacy and function of Orchid

1. Nourishing Yin liquid, invigorating body and moistening dryness, and treat the sequelae of dry mouth and thirst caused by malignant tumor after radiotherapy.

2. Clear heat and cool blood, nourish yin and moisten the lungs, treat dry cough and hemoptysis.

3. Shunqi and blood, dampness and detumescence, treatment of urethral infection, leucorrhea in women.

4. Soothing the liver and relieving depression, reconciling qi and blood, treating dizziness and neurasthenia.

5. The fragrance of flowers can smoke tea. The aroma of orchids is strong and mellow, and it is used to smoke tea with the highest quality.

6. Flowers can be eaten and made into soup. The famous dishes in Sichuan cuisine are orchid belly shredded, orchid shredded meat and so on.

People suitable for eating orchids

Phlegm-dampness constitution

What do you need to pay attention to growing orchids?

1. The most important thing is to pay attention to watering. Orchids and gentleman orchids are most afraid of waterlogged roots, rarely dried to death, often watered frequently by waterlogged roots, stems, leaves and even death. You should have the right amount of water. If you don't dry or water it, you will water it thoroughly. According to different climates, water is usually watered every ten days to half a month. Do not water orchids on rainy days. Orchids are afraid of water but like humid air. It is best to spray a small amount of fog on orchid leaves at noon and evening in hot and dry weather.

2. Avoid direct sunlight and cultivate in places rich in scattered light. Wipe off the dust on the leaves with a clean dishcloth every half a month, so as to make the leaves beautiful and fully absorb light.

3. The orchid can withstand the temperature of-8 degrees in the natural environment. When the temperature drops to 5 degrees, it should be carried into the well-lit place in the house in time to survive the winter.

4. Fertilization. Pour fully fermented rice water or rotten fat water made by light chicken, duck and fish retting from January to February.