Goldfish hanging orchid blossoms so that it is easier to blossom and burst pots.

Published: 2024-02-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/28, Goldfish hanging orchid blossoms so that it is easier to blossom and burst pots.

After dormancy in summer and recovery in autumn, the Beginning of Winter will begin to grow buds. Therefore, after the beginning of winter, the bud of goldfish orchid will grow all over the plant. But its bud does not grow above the terminal bud leaves, but in the axils of 1-2 nodes below the terminal bud. Next, we need to adjust the maintenance and management methods in time, otherwise it will affect the next flowering.

After the goldfish orchid enters the bud growth period, the water consumption of flowers and leaves will gradually increase, so it is necessary to increase watering in time. But it must not be irrigated at this time, because when the water is too sufficient, it is also easy to cause bud loss, and in serious cases, it may also cause leaves, rotten roots and many other bad phenomena.

During the budding period, the pregnant buds are usually watered a little more than in the summer dormant season, but less than in the spring and autumn growing season. Therefore, it is also relative to increase watering during the budding period of goldfish orchid, and watering should be properly controlled when it blossoms. Goldfish hanging orchid in the flowering stage, flexible control of watering, can not only prevent the bud and leaves, but also achieve the role of prolonging the flowering period.

However, goldfish Cymbidium is a kind of fertilizer-loving plant, and its flowering period is also very long. if it coincides with the flowering period, more fertilizer is needed to promote flowering. But it blossoms not all at once, but slowly blooms in batches. Therefore, it will continue to consume nutrients during flowering, so it needs to be replenished in time, otherwise it will affect its flowering.

In general, we spread more than 10 grains of compound fertilizer evenly along the edge of the flowerpot. C, the pot should be kept warm in time to ensure that the plant will not be frozen. And there is a great difference in winter temperature between the north and south of China, so it is necessary to take measures to keep warm and keep warm according to the actual situation.

But after determining the location, do not often move the place. Because the flowering period must not let the plant be frozen at the same time, it is not suitable to move the position often, otherwise it may cause the goldfish orchid to drop the flower bud, thus affecting its flowering.

It can be seen that the maintenance and management of goldfish orchids during flowering period is very important, mainly to increase light, ensure temperature, reasonable watering, scientific fertilization, so as to avoid the phenomenon of falling flowers. In general, we focus on these points, goldfish hanging orchid potted plants are not only easier to blossom and burst pots, but also achieve the role of prolonging flowering period.