What is the reason why the orchid bud falls off as soon as it grows?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What is the reason why the orchid bud falls off as soon as it grows?

Ball orchid flowers are beautiful, just like ancient hydrangea, ball orchid flowers hanging in the air, very smart and lovely, people like extremely, so it is favored by people. So what are the common diseases and insect pests of ball orchid? The following is to introduce the prevention and control methods of common diseases and insect pests of ball orchid. Ball orchid common diseases and insect pests leaf spot and powdery mildew sometimes occur leaf spot and …

Ball Lando attached to tree trunks and stone walls, like warmth, resistance to drying, like temperature, high humidity, semi-shady environment, summer and autumn need to maintain a high air temperature. This is the growth habit of ball orchid, is it easy to raise? in fact, ball orchid blossoms like a beautiful spring girl, beautiful, but the smell of ball orchid is very strong, people can not help but wonder whether ball orchid is poisonous, so ball orchid poisonous? The following editor will satisfy everyone's curiosity and introduce to you whether orchids can be cultivated indoors. Although the orchid is poisonous, the orchid has a strong aroma, but the orchid is non-toxic, and the whole plant can be used as medicine. Ball orchid has the effect of clearing heat and resolving phlegm, reducing swelling and pain, and dampness. Internal administration of ball orchid can also resolve phlegm and cough, eliminate food and accumulate. Ball orchid also has the effect of promoting milk and tonifying deficiency. Can ball orchid be farmed indoors? ball orchid is not poisonous, but it is not suitable for display in the bedroom. Ball orchid will give off a strong fragrance of flowers at night, which will affect the quality of sleep. Ball orchid can be placed in the windowsill, balcony and other places, you can watch the beautiful orchids, and will not be disturbed by the strong fragrance of flowers.

Ball orchid in the culture, there will be the phenomenon of flower bud, ball orchid bud has just grown, there is a bud drop phenomenon, for the bud fall how to remedy it? The article tells you the reason why the orchid bud fell and how to solve it.

First, the basin is too small, resulting in a lack of moisture and nutrition, the traditional concept of small pots easy to blossom is still very popular. Therefore, the basin selection of ball orchid is very important.

Second, the planting material is not suitable.

I often transplant with a bud, pluck it out to trim the root and then plant it, it is not easy to drop the bud, why? Many people use bark, blue stone and other full-grain plant materials, this kind of plant material is originally very dry, plants are thirsty in most cases, you a ladle of water down in the lack of water plants will naturally increase water absorption, as a result, and then soon, the water quickly ran out, so the bud fell, so bark, blue stone and other plant materials watering fluctuations, this kind of water impact is an important reason for bud drop.

Therefore, good plant materials should have the following characteristics:

1. When just watering, the water holding capacity is appropriate, and it is not suitable to hold too much water.

two。 After watering, the moisture of the plant evaporates quickly, which rapidly reduces the water holding capacity and reduces the incidence of rotting roots.

3. After that, the evaporation rate decreases, the moisture can be maintained for a long time, and there should be a good evaporation curve.

4. The size of the basin should be appropriate, the impact of too small basin water is also large, the smaller the environment, the easier to change.

The above information is about the information, there are many reasons for the bud fall, different environments, temperature, humidity will cause the bud to fall, we have to breed ball orchid according to the actual situation, so as to avoid serious bud fall.